Daily Sparks Tribune says: Real life offers inspiration for minor and major roles in Luce's book "Skin Deep" which had beauty contestants scarred by an acid-throwing man. The stories ended up having little in common, but the incident sparked just enough in Luce's imagination to create a story.

The Reno Gazette-Journal says: Her first draft was 800 pages. She eventually pared it down to 348. In 1990, six years after she began, her first novel "Night Stalker" was on the shelves. "I cried when I first saw it in the grocery store"

Nevada Magazine Says: She heard the woman scream. She saw the tall, bulky man squeezing the life out of her. After lowering the body to the ground, he turned and started toward the forest of saplings, where Roberta lay helpless in the mud. A voice echoed through the woods. The killer paused, glanced around uncertainly, turned back to her--everything went black. --Night Prey

RAVE REVIEWS "Night Stalker" is a spine-tingling thriller with Alex and Justin 's steamy relationship adding spice to the electrifying plot. Tops in thrilling suspense. "Skin Deep" is suspenseful...extremely sensual. The author keeps the reader riveted.

DROOD REVIEW "Night Stalker" -- from the first page to last, there is no escape for the reader--this book must be completed before any peace of mind can return; tension increases rapidly. Gripping!

NEWS AND REVIEW "Night Prey" -- Luce's portrayal [of a psychopathic mountain man] is chilling enough to make wanderers in the Sierra Nevada woods think twice about taking a walk alone. Hair-raising.

GOTHIC JOURNAL "Night Game" -- All the characters are fascinating and believable. The villain is evil personified. Luce writes romantic suspense that is just too good to miss.

TONY HILLERMAN "Add Carol Davis Luce to your list of writers not to be overlooked."