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At ATN our brand of Night Vision Optics, Night Vision Goggles, Night Vision Scopes, Night Vision Monocular and Daytime Rifle Scopes are widely recognized as the most innovative and highest quality made.


Export of generation 2 or above units is under the control of the Office of Munitions Control, U.S. Department of State and is subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and falls under the International Traffic in Arms Regulation per title 22, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Parts 120-130. The export of night vision products is regulated by the US Department of State. Shipment without proper licensing or consent is strictly prohibited.

Most Gen 2 or above items purchased at ATN Night Vision Gear are built, tested and shipped direct from factory (San Francisco, CA) at time of purchase. Why? So you can be assured that your unit will be new in box with the latest updated technology and with the full factory warranty.

Contact us if you don't see the item you are looking for, if ATN makes it we sell it!

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